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This is the homepage of the Oklahoma link. Here you will find important information about the link and useful webpages. The Oklahoma link was created with the goal of connecting Oklahoma Ham radio operators with each other, their communities, and with others across America!


Claremore    444.350+ DN

Tulsa             443.000 DN

OKC                443.275+ DN

Ft. Gibson      443.575+ DN

Ft. Gibson      424.500 P25

Blanchard     444.625+ DN

Duncan        146.730- DN

YSF: US OklahomaLink 19053

P25: US OklahomaLink 31403

NXDN: US OklahomaLink 31403

DMR: TGIF TG 31403 Oklahoma Link

DMR: Brandmeister 3140122

If you have a Yaesu Radio then you can connect to the OklahomaLink! Here are a few ways:

1. via Repeater in DN mode. Visit our home page for repeater frequencies across the state of Oklahoma

2. via your Yaesu Wires-x HRI-200 node or Yaesu personal digital node (PDN) on the Yaesu Wires-x room 28292

3. via hotspot such as a ZumSpot, JumboSpot, or OpenSpot connected in YSF mode to the YSF reflector named US OklahomaLink. We recommend Pi-Star for your Raspberry Pi Operating system and digital board. Visit the Pi-Star downloads site for the latest image.


If you'd like more information on purchasing or setting up any of these nodes or hotspots, please Contact us. We monitor the member chat feature at the bottom right of this page and also respond to the Contact Us email. (When you select the "Chat with RCWA" feature at the bottom right of this page, messages push to our mobile phones but if we are sleeping or not otherwise available, we will certainly get back with you so leave your email)


Below is the real time dashboard of the OklahomaLink.

This is available at

Under Development 

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