Meet your RCWA 
Club Officers 

All our club officers are volunteer positions and elected according to the club bylaws. If you are interested in serving an open position or one that will be vacated, email us at for more information!

Club Officers

President: Jeff Smith WX5WDG

First Vice Pres: John Simon WX5OU

Second Vice Pres: Johnny Rentfro N5XQK

Sec/Tres (Appointed): Lisa Smith

Operations Director(Appointed): Dustin Dye AB5C

Trustee (2m): Dallas Shell N5FEE

Trustee (70cm): Jeff Smith WX5WDG

2m Net Coordinator: Johnny Rentfrow N5XQK

70cm Net Coordinator: Johnny Rentfrow N5XQK

Web Master (Appointed):Denton Sachs WX5HOG

Judge Advocate (Appointed): Gary Moore KF5XK