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Helpful Links 
For training and information

These links are curated by members for members! If you have a link you think is helpful or informative to the community, please send it to

NVIS Literature Recommendation

This book is a must have: "Near Vertical incidence Skywave Communication," by David Fiedler and Edward Farmer, Oct 1996, $14.00 from WORLDRADIO Books, PO Box 189490, Sacramento, CA 95818. It can be found online for purchase:

Or a free pdf version can be found here


SGC World makes some pretty rugged gear and antennas here:

Nano VNA. This is the item Dallas mentioned during the meeting. It's currently out of stock but you should be able to contact the maker in China for eta. Links are on the page here:

NVIS reflector

If you'd like to join an NVIS Yahoo group, use your yahoo account:

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