2019 RCWA Sponsored VHF/UHF

MOTA (Meet On The Air)


  • To have fun and get more amateurs on the air!

  • Generate activity on repeaters and simplex VHF/UHF frequencies

Entry Classification

  • High Power (up to 200 watts)

  • QRP (up to 5 watts)

  • Single Operator Only

Contest Period

  • 24 hour period from December 14th, 0800cst to December 15th 0800cst


  • FM

  • SSB--

  • CW

  • JT8

  • PSK


  • VARA

  • C4FM


  • DMR

  • Contacts must be human interaction-No automated contacts allowed

  • Repeater contacts are encouraged-Light up your local one!

  • VOIP contacts are permitted and encouraged


  • 2 meters

  • 1.25 meters

  • 70 centimeters

  • You may work the station once per band


  • To have a valid exchange, you need to exchange callsign, location, and station information

  • The goal is to be more active and talkative on the air


  • One point per high power contact (above 5watts)

  • Two points per QRP contact (5watts and below)


  • Submit total points (not logs) via this event page by December 28th, 2019.

  • Submissions will be on the honor system but logs may be requested by club if necessary.

Two winners will be chosen, one for QRP and one for High Power!


REMEMBER! This is meant to be a fun contest, so have fun, and MOTA!

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