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Join date: Feb 14, 2021


Moved back to Tulsa after 40 years living and working in the north Texas area.

Was licensed originally as AE5YD, but shortly after I took my late uncles call sign, WD5HHC. He got me interested in ham radio back in the 80's; finally after college, several other hobbies (bass fishing) and family life, I got around to getting my ham radio license.

My shack includes:


FT-991A (new)

FT-3DR (new)


A few chinese handhelds

Other hobbies:



Systems Engineer (electrical engineering degree)

How did I find RCWA? While on VHF on my 991A I saw a bunny ear on my band scope, tuned over to it and found 147.09 while a Border Breakers net was going on. Been listening for a few weeks now and have learned about the OKLA LINK and other nets. Tulsa is great for VHF/UHF compared to where I was in TX!



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